Getting there

The public transport connection of the selected starting and ending points of the hike can best be organized via the Linz hub. So bus, rail and boat connections can be flexibly compiled with each other.


The Summerau Railway or the Linz-Budweis Line stops at the following places on the Castle and Castle Trail:

  • Budweis (Budějovice)
  • Velešín
  • Kaplitz (Kaplice)
  • Freistadt
  • Lasberg
  • Kefermarkt

The Donauuferbahn connects Grein with St. Valentin. Change in St. Valentin on the Westbahn to Linz.


All main towns on the castles trails are part of the Upper Austrian transport network. Important junctions are Linz, Freistadt and Pregarten.

ships on the Danube

From May to September Grein can be reached from Linz every Saturday by boat  (Donauschifffahrt Wurm+Köck(arrival in Grein at 12 noon).


The Danube ship MS Empress Elisabeth (MS Kaiserin Elisabeth) travels from Linz to Grein every Friday from July to August (arrival in Grein at 11:35 am).

The knight of the Alm explains:

Traveling was difficult in the Middle Ages. Mostly the paths consisted only of well-trodden tracks - without any signposts. Added to this was the impassability of nature, wildlife and robbers. Bridges were rare. Above all, merchants, soldiers and pilgrims took the trouble.